movie frame jump issue with loop points and pattrstorage

    Oct 12 2012 | 12:05 pm
    Hi . . I have a slab-based patch based on A. Bensen's VPS system. When I set loop points for a movie and store them in pattrstorage there is an issue when I recall the pattrstorage presets. The movie always jumps to the very beginning just for a moment (flashes the first couple of movie frames) and then jumps to the correct loop points that were stored in the ps preset. I'm not switching movie files and I can see that the data for the loop points are stored accurately in pattrstorage. I've tried loadram and other options without luck. The object is in a bpatcher but all of the other parameters in the mbank bpatcher recall correctly in the main patch. perhaps it is a priority issue in the pattrstorage system? however i don't see other movie related parameters in the pattrstorage presets that might be causing the frame jump. any suggestions are appreciated. thank you!