Moving a textbox via face detection

    Mar 30 2011 | 1:27 am
    Hi I have a question I managed to send a message to max/msp through cellphone and then it will appear in a bubble which then follows my head by using face detection. however, I have a problem:
    it doesn't break the lines since im not using a comment object or textbox. I'm using the normal message object (write $9) which gets the message from my database and of course won't break the line and never shows the full message.
    How can I use a textbox or something similar that shows on the bubble and also follow my face detection code
    Thank you for you help :)

    • Mar 30 2011 | 3:54 am
      I was thinking maybe I should come up with a way that I can analyze the number of words in the message sent somehow and then after every 3 words, use something like new line character, so it takes the rest to the second line and so on. is there anyway to do that?
    • Mar 30 2011 | 5:39 pm
      Not taking credit for this, but here's an example of multi-line text in Max. I know it's not quite what you are looking for but maybe some ideas? Perhaps using a matrix will help you to sort your text.
      I can't find the original thread this came from, sorry.
    • Mar 30 2011 | 5:39 pm
      Aaaaand... the patch.
    • Mar 30 2011 | 5:52 pm
      Hi Thanks a lot for your reply Unfortunately it shows the same error as output for us. Our message comes from a cellphone so it means our users wont hit enter and type everything in one line, and we receive it in one line. when I get a message in the textedit it doesn't show the whole message. I'm not familiar with matrix much in max/msp (I'm new at this thing... sigh)