MSP audio: occasional degradation when making/breaking signal paths

    Apr 17 2006 | 3:09 pm
    i've noticed, using my E-MU 1616m's ASIO driver at a variety of I/O and Signal vector sizes that adding/removing/connecting/disconnecting MSP objects sometimes causes audio distortion or degradation which can only be rectified by turning the dac~ on/off, changing the I/O or Signal vector size arbitrarily, the sample rate, etc., i.e., anything that initializes or changes the audio driver state.
    i've tried higher and lower latencies for the 1616m, Overdrive on/off, Optimize on/off (does this still not do anything on an Intel-based system?) and i've tried the P4's HT on and off. oh, i also changed various settings in Performance Options. i'm using 4.5.7 w/ XP Pro SP2a.
    i'm going to test this more extensively using the MME drivers (can we have a WDM/KS option, as well?), and on a different PC with stock hardware.

    • Apr 17 2006 | 3:42 pm
      i've narrowed this down to the system with the E-MU 1616m. Next, when I have the opportunity, I'll determine whether or not it's just the ASIO driver when running standalone or the problem remains when using Max/MSP as a Rewire slave or with the MME and DirectSound drivers.
    • Apr 18 2006 | 2:41 pm
      i've narrowed it down even further to the E-MU 1616m's ASIO driver. When using ReWire or MME the problem does not occur. I've let the rep. for E-MU know, as well. Perhaps, if someone at Cycling has some time and about a hundred bucks (for the lowest-end E-MU DAS model, the 0404) they could check this out.