msp external problems on Lion

    Jul 08 2012 | 2:56 pm
    i built an MSP external for a friend back in 2010, and now it is apparently exhibiting bad behavior on max 6 / Lion (nasty clicks in audio.) originally built against the 5.1.6 SDK... not sure what's changed.
    i don't personally have Lion; i'm not a big mac user these days. wondering if anyone has any insight or could even (big favor i know) recompile the thing, which is here:
    ?? many thanks! - ezra b

    • Jul 11 2012 | 4:31 pm
      After a cursory glance at the code, it doesn't seem to show anything obviously wrong.
      There were problems we discovered with buffer~ access late in Max 5's life cycle which we addressed in Max 6. If you look at the appendix of the Max 6 SDK it documents how to update code for safer/easier/better access.
      Additionally, to host Max 5 audio objects in Max 6 incurs additional CPU cost as the object has to be wrapped with a conversion layer. Not sure if this extra overhead is exacerbating the problem.
      Side note: you have a gensym() call at line 253 in your perform method. Not sure you want an expensive call like this. For a case like this it is recommended that you call gensym() somewhere else (e.g. in main()) and cache the t_symbol pointer it returns. Then pass that cached symbol at line 253.
      If you have a patcher that reliably produces the problem, I might be to take a look at it sometime...
      best, Tim
    • Jul 24 2012 | 8:36 pm
      thanks for the advice! i will do as you suggest in both cases. i missed the buffer-access appendix, was still looking at the preliminary sdk... oops
      so would you foresee any obvious obstacles to compiling against / testing with max 6.0.4, from my aging and neglected os x partition - 10.5.x, xcode 3.4.x?
      apparently the help patcher from github is sufficient to see the bad behavior in Lion.
      thanks again! i appreciate the help -ezra b