MSP Gotchas

    Aug 17 2011 | 8:53 pm
    I thought I'd start a thread for this, as it may be of use to new people. There's certain things in Max that may not work the way you expect them to, and they can cause your patches not to work properly.
    This is one that I frequently see: number~ does not pass through signal like number does.
    Please feel free to add things that are of similar ilk, including an example if necessary.

    • Aug 17 2011 | 9:11 pm
      OK. Here's one that annoys me. When the peakamp~ object has no argument or when its argument is 0, it's only supposed to sent output when it receives a bang. And that's how the original peakamp~ worked. However, some time during updates to Max 4 it got changed so that it always sends output when MSP is turned on (as if it received a bang). I frequently have to add some objects to ignore that 'when MSP is turned on' report, which should never occur in the first place. I'd be happy to see that changed back to the way it was originally and the way it should be.