Mudang Rouge "Fantasy Horizon"....shameless self-promotion

    Sep 19 2012 | 2:22 am
    One of the projects i do called MUDANG ROUGE has just released a record that is now free to download *i use max/msp primarily to process my voice and as well as other things with this project
    (if you crave limited edition physical objects, please visit ) "From New York to the moon and back, Mudang Rouge is a force to be reckoned with. Chuck Bettis, Jerry Lim, Evan Rapport, and Josh Blair create bone-chilling pieces, with a complete and total disregard for boundaries. Each player brings his own style and voice to create a quilt of sound. For those looking for a reference …. Coltrane/The Boredoms/Fahey/Ikue Mori/Can/Sun Ra/Haack. Improvisation of the highest order. Hand made and screen printed (12 songs - 52 minutes)"
    and here is a video i did for a Mudang Rouge track using Jitter