multi-texture crossfade plus keystone problems

    Jul 06 2010 | 8:48 am
    I'm trying to combine JKC's multi-texture crossfade ( with the one of the keystone patches ( and it's not working... texture tex2 is fading to white. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    --Rocky G

    • Jul 06 2010 | 9:31 am
      Here's another version, where I try to render geometry directly, and I can get movie 2 to fade, but the textures still aren't combined, and also movie 1 is half dimmed.
    • Jul 06 2010 | 9:35 am
      Background: I'm trying to crossfade between a title card PNG and my openGL scene--so if anyone has a simpler implementation I'm all ears.
    • Jul 06 2010 | 9:05 pm
      I am closer to a solution. Now I can get full keystone functionality, and movie 1 looks fine, but movie 2 fades to white instead of image, although if I set @texture tex2, movie two fades in and out like I'd expect. I'd like to understand why mapping the texture to in the original crossfade example works, but mapping it to in my version doesn't--isn't it all just geometry?
    • Jul 06 2010 | 10:35 pm
      OK, I've got it working by applying the combined texture to a gridshape, capturing the gridshape to a new texture via sketch and then applying that texture to the keystone mesh. I don't understand why I don't have to bang the gridshape though... nor do I understand why I couldn't apply the combined texture directly to the mesh as in the previous attempt.