Multiple 3D Objects

    Jul 14 2013 | 11:30 pm
    Hey guys, hoping this'll be an easy one...
    I have a single OBJ file that I've created in Cinema4D with multiple meshes in it. Let's say there's three meshes: a cube, a rectangle, and a pyramid.
    What I'd like to do is load the single OBJ file, and then use three separate instances of on each of the meshes, so that I can move/rotate each of those meshes individually.
    Can I do this? If so, how?
    If not, can I export the cube, rectangle, and pyramid individually as separate OBJs and render them all three simultaneously, and put three serparate on those?
    Any other thoughts?

    • Jul 15 2013 | 6:29 pm
      simplest is probably to export each mesh as a separate file.
      however, it is possible to export as a single file, and control meshes individually. generally, you want to make sure each mesh is positioned at the origin.
      you will then be able to bind an anim.node to each mesh, allowing for control of each mesh's node's transform.
      basic example:
    • Jul 18 2013 | 4:31 am
      This worked perfectly - thank you!