Multiple analysis of a single video stream within Max/MSP/Jitter

    May 18 2006 | 2:17 pm
    Good afternoon,
    I have a patch that requires multiple instances of the following:
    jit.pwindow suckah
    I want these objects to open a video stream from my firewire connected iSight. However, there will be around 5 instances of video analysis, each analysing different aspects of the video feed.
    I have set up my video analysis tool and I have attempted to copy and paste it to create these multiple instances. However, it appears that only 1 video feed can be opened at any one point whereas I would like to have the single iSight feed appear in all 5 (for example) jit.pwindows!
    Any suggestions here?

    • May 18 2006 | 2:23 pm
      just connect all the pwindows to a single jit.qt.grab. have you done the max tutorials?
    • May 18 2006 | 5:32 pm
      Here is the patch Joshua. A web camera or video feed of some nature is needed. A colour within the jit.pwindow and suckah area can be selected and that colour is tracked. I'm trying to create multiple instances of this within a single patch so that I can track atleast 5 colours and therefore output 10 values (5 x X & Y planes).
      Anyone with advice on where to take this? I would have thought simple copies and pastes of the main stucture linked to the original jit.qt.grab but this has not worked so far.