multiple or single ~buffer?

    Dec 14 2010 | 3:06 pm
    Hi all,
    As you may or may not remember, I'm building a darts game patch in Max. I've sorted out my scoring system now (with many thanks to MIB's MRpointInCircle patcher) and am coming to implement the audio for a score announcement system.
    I have 52 audio files which cover every three dart score from 0 to 180 and the plan is to concatenate them (i.e. play them back one after the other).
    I was thinking of having 52 separate buffer~s which three single groove~s (for units, tens and hundreds) could call upon to sound out the score but then wondered if it would be less hard work for the CPU if I used three single buffer~s and had the output of the player's score send load messages to them in real time.
    Sorry if I haven't explained the dilemma very well, simply put, is it better to send multiple load messages to a buffer~ in real time, or have seperate buffer~s pre-loaded for seperate audio?