multiple projectors efficiency and texture sharing using nodes/cornerpin

    Apr 17 2012 | 3:34 pm
    Hello fellow maxers,
    I've searched the forum and most solutions I have found are pre max 6 so I am starting this topic to get some hints.
    At the moment I'm combining 4 projectors to fill out a groundfloor projection. Three of the projectors are connected to a matrox triple head DP edition, the fourth is on the second DP of the amd9070 GPU card.
    I adapted the triplehead cornerpin patch that is already on the forum with the appropriate camerasettings. However I'm a bit lost on how to have the scene rendered also to a second renderengine.
    I am also wondering if this is in fact the best way, maybe an independent renderEngine for each screen is better.
    An additional Q is if any have some experience with Display Port hubs to split the signal of a DP in 3 different screens, it appears to be a more flexible solution (maybe better quality than matrox too?) but this will probably seriously affect how to setup a multiple screen setup??
    anyways here's the test patch I am working on:
    thx in advance Pieter