multiple QTs in poly~ with spigot~

    Sep 19 2010 | 9:37 pm
    Hi . .
    I'm trying to figure out a good method for getting the audio out of QT movies loaded into a poly~ object using spigot~. Has anyone created a simple way of doing this? I've searched around and found a couple of posts about the topic but nobody seems to have a viable solution. I'v been testing out the advice given below but haven't quite figure it out yet. any ideas or help is totally appreciated.
    "what I've ended up sorting out for this is creating a coll of possible [spigot~] addresses and assigning the address in each [poly~] via the message (unique address picked via instance # reported from [thispoly~]."

    • Sep 20 2010 | 10:01 am
      Have you looked at this example: Max5/examples/jitter-examples/video/quicktime/PolyMovie/Poly~ForMovies.maxpat
      Where it offers an option to load a movie into each poly before you start playing, I would have thought you could use the same method to set up the spigot. So [target 1, soc blah] [target 2, soc blah2]etc.
      I haven't tried it, but I can't see why it wouldn't work unless your movies have the same name (don't forget to give it time to cache the audio on the first run). Let me know how you get on, its something I will need to do sooner or later.