Multiple Questions, BUFFERS, Transoport object, and script connections.

    Sep 11 2014 | 8:45 pm
    In some heres whats happening in the patch
    1) Currently a TRANSPORT & LINE~ system to control buffer playback. For some reason in my main patch there is glitching in playback. Perhaps its the numbers generating to slowly. There are switches to cycle between the two. What is best way to have playback with speed control and cues?
    2) I use the TICKS from both Transport & Line~ for the TimeCode display but the units in BARS/BEATS/UNITS & milliseconds in HH/MM/SS only generate every 500 milliseconds or so. This is unpractical for when I want to implement cues for the user to jump to different areas of the tracks.
    3) To avoid feedback in the main patch i use script messages to THISPATCHER to connect & discconect objects. Problem is this causes a momentary stop in playback which is smaller in the debbuging patch than the main patch. I Imagine this is due to the numbers from Transport & Line~ stopping for a moment?
    This next questions are not in the patch....
    4) If i have a PATTR object that is followed by a MESSAGE object, should I be conserned with the user editing a JSON file to be a SCRIPT THIS PATCHER MESSAGE that could potentially do something to my patch I would not want? Perhaps even compromise & expode my code?
    5) is there a way that max counts how many objects & connections there are in my patch? I feel like Ive seen it once before on my MAC but cant seem to find it again.
    Last time I checked i think my patch was 2000+ connections... 6 months ago. How would this effect processing?