Multiple scenes, store some settings but not others. Pattrstorage?Other?

    May 14 2014 | 1:35 pm
    This is a "how might I go about this" question related to pattrstorage...
    I have a piece performed with a fairly large patch with lots of settings. The piece consists of 4 scenes with different modules playing. No one module is active across any two adjacent scenes, but they do overlap, so eg a particular module will fade out over the beginning of the following scene (I'm setting the fades off manually). So far I'm using autopattr/pattstorage to store the settings for each scene. This doesn't work for scene transitions though as eg some settings are being modified by a [line] during the course of one scene, and selecting the next scene causes those settings to jump. I can't save the destination values in the second pattrstorage slot as I don't know exactly what they'll be at the point I switch. The solution that jumps to mind would be to be able to exclude certain settings from one storage slot, but include them in others. ie the changing settings have their initial value stored in slot 1, but are excluded from slot 2 (so, no jumping values). But AFAIK that isn't possible. Is it? I _could design some kind of coll based system, but there are rather a lot of UI objects to store, so it would be a real PITA to set up. Any other suggestions? Could I set something up with 2 pattrstorages? (though I'd still have to assign particular autopattrs in bpatchers to specific pattrstorages at the top level)
    Edit: Hmm, I see from the help files that I could disable specific objects before I recall any particular scene using the active message to pattrstorage. I don't suppose it's possible to do that for a whole subpatch, without having to send a message for every single object in the subpatch, is it?
    thanks David

    • May 14 2014 | 3:30 pm
      Sorted. The answer _was to use the active message, and then just get the active/select preset/recall messages in the right order.