multislider to breakpoint function object

    Jun 13 2006 | 1:46 pm
    is there an object that can convert multislider data to breakpoint function object data, preserving the multislider shape as much as possible with as less points as possible?
    below is something i've tried - it first samples every nth list value, and transfers them to bpf. then, it searches for sudden changes of values in list, and if change of successive values goes over given threshold, it transfers value at that place to function too, adding some details...
    but i can't get around this problem:
    before reduction, in multislider, i have this:
    after reduction, in bpf it looks like this:
    and i would like it to look like this: ___--___
    but i've run out of ideas.
    cheers, nesa

    • Jun 14 2006 | 5:25 am
      Wouldn't it be better to search for maxima and minima instead of taking a fixed number of steps? Afterwards you could eliminate those which have a too little difference compared to direct connection of every second point to get rid of points which would fit into a direct line...
      In short words, instead of taking a too small amount and adding missing points, take too many and eliminate those with little information...
      Send in what you come up with, sounds interesting...
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    • Jun 23 2006 | 10:27 am
      ah, there it is, nasty message. I knew someone would reply, thanks Stefan.
      Your suggestion sounds reasonable, I'll post something as soon as I find time to get back to it.