Multistate [tab]?

    Feb 15 2013 | 7:26 am
    Is there any way [tab] can display more than 1 item as currently selected? I basically need a [tab] object, but capable of 3 states-- Off, on (multiple), selected (1 only). It needs a particular look, so something text-based like [tab] is good (as opposed to [matrixctrl] which would require making graphics to do what text formatting could do). I'm guessing I'll need to cobble something together by layering [tab] and several [textbuttons], but just checking before I do, since [tab] is *almost* there, or maybe someone has a better idea...?
    Thanks, brian

    • Feb 15 2013 | 9:54 am
      I'm certain the tab object was made to select only one item. You wouldn't be able to choose two tabs at once in any tabbed interface. But if you like the visual appearance of [tab], why don't you use several of them side by side and try to make them work like in a "toggle mode"?
    • Feb 15 2013 | 9:59 am
      or you can have one or more tabs inside a bpatcher which is itself controlled by a tab (nested tabs)
    • Feb 15 2013 | 12:14 pm
      Changed the position of the delay in order for it to not affect the output. Although I admit it's not the most elegant solution... if the tab object was able to deselect the current selected tab when clicked again, this would not be needed...
    • Feb 16 2013 | 5:00 am
      Thanks a lot! I'll play with those a bit, knowing there's no clear elegant way to do it with the constraints I have in mind. Pedro, you are basically suggesting to use it like [textbutton], then?