Multitrack midi - midifile and detonate

    Jun 21 2007 | 1:47 pm
    Tried midifile for multitrack files. Note that it works fine if you use it the way they apparently intended - recording files into the object and writing them. Reading existing midifiles is problematic. Old files that use key off messages don't work because midifile apparently uses keyon with velocity 0 for key off. Probably something easy to change.
    Had another look at detonate and it seems to be working better than I remember. Perhaps it has been fixed. The problems I encountered were that write and export actually behaved differently - now the doc says they are identical. Both finale and sibelius no read the exported midi files correctly. One thing I would like to see is absolute record location like midifile has. That is you tell detonate where you want to record instead of how far beyond the most recent note. I though I had found a work around by using negative delta times - i.e. -1000 60 64 2000 2 4 to record a half note C3 one second earlier than the previous note on channel 2 of track 4. Didn't work because detonate ignores negative delta times.
    So I am still looking for that perfect multitrack midi file object.
    Cheers Gary Lee Nelson Oberlin College