mute~ in a patcher

    Dec 25 2007 | 11:48 am
    hi list
    because i am still on a G4, and my patches have a tendency to become "heavier" and more complicated (and use more CPU), I use more and more [mute~] (and [pass~]) when running my patches.
    a few questions about [mute~]
    _[mute~] only works when being on the main patch and directly connected to the subpatch it is muting (putting [mute~] in a subpatch doesn't work). OK, it was noted somewhere else on this forum, but is this still valid? (I am on max 457 - any change on 4.6, intel???)
    _when switched OnOff, [mute~] sometimes produces a click at the output (heard through the output of the patch). A solution would be some sort of trigger, muting/unmuting the audio OUT of the subpatch first/last. But since [mute~] does not output anything (printable at least) how could i do this? the patch and audio out could be different sub-patchers, so the question is how to mute different subpatchers in a given order?
    _I mute all my sub-patchers at init-time (and de-mute them when needed). I usually send an "init" message first, then switch the dac on. In the case of [mute~] does it make any difference if i mute with the dac on or off????
    many thanks
    kasper -- Kasper T. Toeplitz noise, composition, bass, computer