muting audio at sample rate?

    Mar 15 2013 | 7:43 pm
    Hi folks
    I've built a sample accurate sequencer which is triggering cues for sfplay~ within a poly~, and a separate modular effects patch in gen~. All of this is running at sample rate but in order to get my poly~ working, all of my voices have to be unmuted all of the time. In addition to this all of my effects have to be turned on whether I'm passing audio through them or not... All of which is unnecessarily adding to the cpu load. I was wondering if anyone had a way to mute audio at sample rate, within a poly~ or otherwise? I looked through the forums but could only find posts saying that people would like to do it - I'm sure I'm missing some basic knowledge which makes this a completely unreasonable request...but if so how are people solving this problem? The best I can think of is changing from audio signals to max messages just before the poly~ and using midinote message as usual, but this seems a bit ridiculous and would surely negate many, if not all, of the benefits of using a sample accurate system in the first place no?... In addition to this all of my fades are currently being run off the underlying phasor~ ramp so I'm fairly convinced I would have to re-write all of these using a line~/curve/wave~ etc which I've never found to be 100% reliable...