mxj how I love thee...

    May 09 2006 | 1:36 pm
    Have I said lately what an amazing thing it was that Cycling set it up to imbed other languages/environments in max-msp? I have a project where I needed to count about 50 bangs and route them out through a corresponding outlet. Quickly I discovered that [gate] has a fixed upper limit. So I started writing one of my insanely stupid convoluted patches with counters feeding into counters to channel the bangs correctly (yeah, I'm sure there is a native max-msp object somewhere that does this, but I always forget stuff). Then I thought "hey! I can write this in java!" and a few lines of code later:
    public void bang() { outletBang(curcount); if (++curcount > totouts) { error("BGcounter: exceeded total declared outputs"); curcount = totouts; } }
    life was good!
    Thanks, cycling-dudes.