May 23 2006 | 3:32 pm
    Hello Maxiste I'm new there. I wonder about some point in sound synthesis, then, I try, for my one understanding to peek~ list in a buffer~ and play it with wave~ (even play several list in the same time with poli~) I succes at 80% to write a "gambler ruine synthetiseur"(it work, but list in buffer~ are not always cut and connect in rigth place)
    I can send if you have curiosity about non-sinusoidal non-linear periodic discret sound modeling ..., by non musician...(GanzUnMusikalish!) but, on the way to do that, I had very much crach during editing, in edit mode, with mxj List. object.
    mxj List. object work fine for you? mxj list.Queue crach during edit mode, but, on the way to build it, I must save 100 time(to don't lost every thing) and don't touch too mutch...(copie, past, duplicate); that mxj List family object) great disturbing, already lost 2 days on that. I think, I will stop to use that object (mxj list.Queue) to don't get crach-traumatised. I will try to find solution in jitter to reverse, scale, connect, different list of different length in a buffer~.... but, I like that mxj list.Queue object, it make what I wanted (problem is in edit mode...) Pascal Baes

    • May 24 2006 | 1:06 pm
      On 23 mai 06, at 17:32, pascal baes wrote:
      > Hello Maxiste > I'm new there.
      > mxj List. object work fine for you?
      They do work here. I experienced crash sometimes with older Max version. Since 4.56 and newer, it works perfectly. Make sure you have the lastest version.
      Best, ej