My CS Step Sequencer path is not working

    Jul 13 2010 | 3:09 pm
    I have Live 8.13 with the latest Max updated a few days ago, I tried to open the CS step sequencer lesson or patch and live inmediately crash, and it only happen with this. No matter which of my Pc's (desktop or laptop) I keep getting crashes. I already removed both Max and Live and reinstalled (even live 8.14) but getting same crash on both Pc's, so I think my path is corrupted in some kind of way because is the only one failing, I deleted the previous max 4 live installer so I can't test if it's on the Live pack, so this is what I need, can any owner of Live and Max 4 Live with a working version of the cs step sequencer axmd file send it to me, is just a 250 kb file. This is the the only thing left that I can try to resolve this, Ableton support didn't have answers for my issue and still waiting for any response from Max.