my first CUDA external

    Mar 11 2009 | 2:55 pm
    hi all,
    I working on the development of a fast motion tracking external for my master thesis
    I am using the cv.jit library from JM Pelletier for a long time and now I trying to implement my own algorithm in CUDA to get more and more FPS...
    for the moment, I wrote a GLSL shader which bring to light the blobs center in a grey-scale image and I have implemented this algorithm in a Jitter CPU-only external with which I reach about 300 fps on a 320x240 image
    I also can build an external using CUDA API, but for the moment I am suffering from memory access problem and the external is pretty slow... but I am sure it can be improve
    I am working under windows XP but I thing the code could be easily compile for Universal Binary
    now I am looking for someone who is interessed in the development of some external using CUDA and who can help me to improve my code
    I hope someone could help me
    all the best

    • Apr 14 2009 | 5:01 am
      can I check out your shader? I use the CV objects and am trying to move everything into GPU so that I can use my cpu for mainly audio and gpu for visual.
      I am really interested in CUDA and I hope to get into it soon, I am just getting into GLSL programming, and I am loving it so far. Id love to get into external programming as well, but Im not sure I will have time soon.
      Anyway, if your willing to I would absolutely love to try out your CV GLSL. I really hope in the next year to make a ton of really high end shaders and calculations. It would be a huge help to see more CV in GLSL. I learned a ton from looking at Andrews HSflow CV in GLSL implementation. If you haven't checked it out make sure you grab it, its in the jitter forum under sharing new distortions.
    • Apr 14 2009 | 12:20 pm
      hi Axiom-Crux,
      thanks for your interest
      of course I can send to you my shader but it's not really a "CV GLSL" because i've implented my own algorithm which send out the center's coordinates of elliptic blobs in an image. it's not the centroid but the center of the blob's bounding box. I've implemented a new algorithm last night in a CUDA external which runs at 100 fps in 320x240 in my Geforce 8600GT (much slower than the cv.jit !) For the moment, the shader is broken but I will restore it with the new algorithm today if I would have time enough an then I could send it to you with an help patch. but with shader the problem is always to get the picture back to the CPU, in my case, i needed to build a 3 planes 1 dimension matrix with the coordinates of the tracked points (just like cv.jit.centroids ) but in GLSL, the readback function slows down the FPS and this is why i decided to put it in a CUDA external but I will check the HSFlow glsl implementation now, I didn't heard about it before, thanks and to conclude, I am very impatient to try openCL with which we can do what CUDA does but not only on Nvidia card
      Are you using Max 5 ? on Windows ? with an Nvidia graphic card ? if so i could sent to you my external too.
      all the best
    • Apr 14 2009 | 2:41 pm
      Im on mac, but I have windows, and my new macbook pro should be here in a few days which has the new 9600nvidea chips, are you on win? I will boot in win to check it out. thanks man!
    • Apr 14 2009 | 4:28 pm
      yes I am on windows because I am a poor student...
      but if you don't know where to put your current mac when you'll receive the new one, you can send it to me !
      today I can't get my new shader to work, so I will send to you the old one with the associate CUDA external release for Windows but I am very confused, because this external is pretty slow !
    • Apr 14 2009 | 4:36 pm
      Hey, if your serious, I am goign to be selling it right after I get my new one. Ill probably let it go for under a grand, Ill have to check ebay to see what they are going for. I just have to wait a week to get this repair part to fix the keyboard, one of they keys isn't working and I am repairing it before I sell it. Its in pretty good condition and has osx and windows on it. And its a decent computer, 2.16ghz 2gram radeon 1600x. only like a year and a half old or less. Well anyway, if you are indeed interested hit me up, or you can email me the external if you dont want to post it to the list
    • Jul 30 2009 | 5:38 am
      or you could post it to the list? I am also needing much more fps for simple blobs.
    • Jul 31 2011 | 1:49 pm
      hi you r making great future stuff : can i also get the external? it would be great greetings adam