My Super player functions. need suggestion!!!!

    May 31 2006 | 3:48 am
    I'm constructing one eleborated patch and i need some help to this...
    i'm building a player capable of play one sound file(from one coll (audio files list)) and “cross fade it” with the second listed audio file.
    If the first sound is in “crossFade LOOP” mode...(looping a sound but mixing by crossfade the start and end of the same file), how can i crossfade the looping mixing part of sound 1 and sound 2 of the list?
    I can change all this parameters:
    1 - star and end time (ms) of sound... for all sounds in list 2 – fade in time (ms), fade out time (ms), cross-fade time (ms), CrossfadeLOOP time (ms)... for all sounds in list
    i'm using SFPLAY~ as player, because i need lot of memory, and i'll have a lot sounds playing at the same time! so... no “load to ram” objects allowed.
    Any suggestion?