Mysterious problem with random pitch patch in m4l...please help!!

    Oct 23 2012 | 6:29 am
    Hello all. I have a rather peculiar problem... I've devised a pitch shifting device that is threshold operated and emits random shifts in pitch when triggered-- initially in plain old MAX/MSP. Essentially, the threshold is a number~ object connected to a > object. When the threshold is overcome, the > bangs out a 1 which opens gate~ object allowing the signal to enter the freqshift~ object with random pitches generated via metro and random objects.
    It works absolutely fine in MSP....however, when I import that into M4l (basically just changing the adc and dac object to plugin~ and plugout~), it does not work!!! I've tried numerous things like encapsulating certain objects and removing others, and cannot identify what the fucking problem is haha. I'll post both the plain MAX/MSP patch and M4l patch below for whatever kind soul is willing to help...
    Thanks a lot guys.