Navigate Clips in Session view automatically without mouse?

    Dec 01 2012 | 6:02 pm
    I wondered if it is possible to navigate to a clip so the you get a clip overview (waveform etc) at bottom of screen using M4L - I have tried using the - Browse.TracksClips.maxpat - In the Max patch library - But all that seems to do is list the clips. Also looked at LOM reference - but cant figure anything out useful from that.
    Should this be possible ?

    • Dec 01 2012 | 6:36 pm
      Yes it's possible. There are a couple ways to do it. Here's one: Look in the m4l abstractions folder to find the "set selected track index" and "set selected clip index" patchers. So once you understand those patchers, then what you are going to do is basically enter the coordinates (track, clipslot) for whatever clip you want to select. Once it's selected you can make it automatically open up clip view using another web of objects.
      If you have a novation launchpad then you could for example assign each grid button to send a pair of coordinates to your patcher.