Need help creating a simple video triggerer via webcam

    Sep 25 2012 | 5:26 pm
    Hi there,
    I am looking to make a simple patch but need some help in working out the simplest method.
    I have a webcam and when someone walks past it I want it to randomly select one of four videos to be played on a projector.
    I am a complete noobie to max/msp. Is this an easy project to create? any help with this would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
    Paul Harrington

    • Sep 25 2012 | 5:44 pm
      Try this:
      Should get you started on the video side of things... I didn't put any of the audio stuff in there...
    • Sep 25 2012 | 6:17 pm
      Thank you MIB, Going to give it a bash now