Need help: Device with a toggle button to refocus redbox on the clip playing.

    Mar 20 2013 | 10:28 am
    Hi, I'm a beginner with M4L and usually just take devices from forums etc. This time as I didn't find what I really wanted, I've tried the DIY way... But I'm really not into M4L.
    I've tried to understand a device named isotonik 8.3 lite (free) which is the nearset thing from what I want to acheive, but I can't make it work as i'm working with live 9 64 and the latest Max 6.1.1, so this may not be a good starting point.
    My goal is making a M4L device that would refocus the "redbox" of a selected midi controller onto the clip playing in the track where I would put the device. On the Kick track for example.
    So it would allow me to navigate between songs in a big live set, with some kick clips midi mapped on whatever controller you use, so I could launch them without seeing them, and then make the redbox refocus around them.
    If someone can do it, and explain me a bit how they do, it would be gold.
    Thank you very much for your help!

    • Mar 20 2013 | 3:45 pm
      As it's my device i think i should jump in.... What MIDI Controller are you attempting to move the redbox on??
      Isotonik Lite sits on an empty track unassociated with the currently playing clip, it relies on disabling the clip launch grid and then listening to which button is pressed to focus on that clip, or listens to the track select buttons, and after a 1 beat interval of the button being held down it repositions the box....
      Cheers D
    • Mar 21 2013 | 8:09 am
      Wow cool to have your help! I'm working with Emulator pro with a touch screen you can see it here:
      Some part of their custom python script are taken from APC40 and some from launchpad, plus some tweaking.
      I have bought your Isotonik 9 yesterday in the hope that a part of the problem is that Isotonik lite would not work in Live 9, but I can't really make it work neither, as it seems the emulator script isn't near enough of an APC40 script. I would have bought your modular serie but I didn't see the relocate part which is the number one thing I need. Strange thing is that I can't find the Isotonik fx rack in the 9 version, but found it in the 8. Is the fx rack not updated to 9?
      But even if it works with APC, it seems there's a problem cause the emulator software doesn't seems to send cc message continuously like the APC when "select track" is hold (or maybe I'm wrong on this?...), that's why I would need the possiblity to make the relocate button midi mapable and "instant listening and relocating". Or maybe filter the incoming "select track" midi signal and repeat it for 1 beat in max so it trigger correctly your original device...
      Really hope you can help me on this as I my set up is already complex with live looping and load of samplers and fxs to control, so if I could jump fast where I want without too much trouble, it would be a great thing.
    • Mar 21 2013 | 12:10 pm
      We're updating Isotonik 9 and the biggest element is the Isotonik Effects device which contains all the Isotoik Lite functionality...
      Basically look in the Isotonik Effects Device in Isotonik 8.... in the main MASTER patcher you'll find an Isotonik LITE patcher...
      You'll need to convert anything that's looking to hear a 1 to a 127 within that patch....
      M4L will listen to the button press, which normally i map to a toggle to see the effect of pressing, then when it releases the x vanishes....
      Obviously pretty busy updating everything at the moment but hope to revisit Isotonik Lite pretty soon...
      Cheers D