Need HELP with Operator Preset Patch..?

    Jan 21 2010 | 3:17 am
    At first I thought it was storing ALL parameters in Operator, however there are A LOT of parameters in Operator. I have 189 parameters in the device, most of them I have labeled within the patch. There are a few labeled with question marks because I couldn't figure out what they were accessing, some of those I have figured out since posting the patch. The ones labeled with question marks are numbered less than 189. So regardless of knowing what they did I knew they did something.
    I stopped at 189 because I had a number box connected to the paths parameter number, that I could set, store a preset, change it, and recall the one I stored. If it did not change, I knew I was at the end. I may have been wrong though?
    I notice that I did not get the patch storing any of the parameters under the Connection A&B and Amount A&B. It is also not accessing the user parameters?
    Does anyone know what parameter numbers these are? Or how to make a patch that will give me the names, and parameter numbers of a device, specifically Operator?