need some help saving video files

    Sep 02 2006 | 4:08 pm
    I need to save video frames automatically from a jit.qt.grab. I need to give them names and save to disk automatically. I made a shooter that makes the photo when someone is in front of the camera and now i need to save every fotos with different names into a folder. Allways automatically...
    Please help

    • Sep 04 2006 | 5:46 am
    • Sep 04 2006 | 8:51 pm
      Yes, this goes fine to give ever diferent names to diferent files, it works! but now i have another problem. exportimage allways saves the files into the folder where the patch is saved. Know any way to choose the exact folder where i want to save? I?d try different ways to write a path destination but doesn?t work.
    • Sep 04 2006 | 9:16 pm
      i try with this two messages :
      ; max sendapppath qr_rec_path
      ; qr_rec_path "Macintosh HD:/Users/user/Desktop/... "
      but max says qr_rec_path is not an object. I am saving the photos with an exportimage message to a jit.matrix object. What i am doing wrong?
    • Sep 05 2006 | 1:43 pm
      You use the normal Max format for specifying a path: "exportimage Drive:/Folder/Folder2/filename jpeg", for example