net.maxhole not working on OSX Mavericks

    Mar 17 2014 | 6:03 pm
    seems I have a problem on Macs using Mavericks when using [mxj net.maxhole]...
    If I leave my "normal" (home) network on , it works. However, when playing (and using multiple computers) I like to "create a network" - I've been doing this for years. When I do it on my macs (2 of them) running OSX Mavericks it does not work. When I use a mac running OS 10.6.8 it works...
    what I do :
    _create a network
    _go intonetwork preferences and choose to set up the TCP/IP manually
    _I give the IP adress (my different macs have almost the same IP except for the last numbers which are 10 20 30 etc...) and then - and I say OK
    _open max (latest max6)
    _open the help file for mxj net.maxhole
    _change the value of the input numbox
    _ERROR message : "net.maxhole : io : Network is unreachable
    works in os 10.6.8, does not in 10.9.2, in both cases latest max
    any help?
    many thanks

    • Mar 18 2014 | 11:23 am
      Sorry Kasper, no help! But I confirm I have the same problem here with the same set-up as yours. It does work when using an external Wifi router.
    • Mar 18 2014 | 11:47 am
      hey Patrick
      it seems (I have yet to really test it) that manually (so to speak) installing java does the job : this morning I downloaded the java installer (version 7), run it and made a quick test : I just "created a new network" (the one I use between 2 or more computers), did left the parameters at automatic (when usually I set them manually) and ran the maxhole help. This worked (when it used to set errors) I still have to test it in real (between 2 computers and with manually set IP etc). But it seems this could be the answer best kasper
    • Mar 18 2014 | 11:48 am
      oh, and it's the first time I got where the image you use as your avatar comes from ! - it is the old advertisement for AKS, isn't it?
    • Mar 21 2014 | 2:49 pm
      ok, no, even with a fresh install of java it does not work....... I am sending a bug report...
    • May 05 2014 | 3:33 am
      Hello Kasper,
      Did you ever find a solution? I am dealing with the same problem trying to update an old laptop ensemble piece!
    • May 05 2014 | 6:59 am
      no,, no solution. they (Cycling 74) said they could reproduce the problem, and... and what? maybe they will fix it (I did not install the latest max 6.1.7 but in the list of fixed things they do no mention maxhole) however other ways of course work - udpsend etc
    • May 05 2014 | 7:11 am
      There are 2 Java versions you can install on Mavericks. The one from Oracle (the latest version, 1.7) and an older version from Apple (1.6) . Maybe it's working with Apple's version and not Oracle's… I don't have time to test now, and although I installed 1.7 (maybe only for web browsers?), java -version returns java version "1.6.0_65". Anyway, if c74 confirmed the bug, we just have to wait… or better find a workaround.
      BTW Kasper, you're right: my avatar is from an old AKS advertisement, it shouldn't surprise you ;-)
    • May 05 2014 | 7:22 am
      yes, maybe it's different java. But I won't test : as the purpose of maxhole is (maybe not only but mostly) to communicate with some other machine, I do not feel like checking each and everytime if everybody has the "right" version of Java, or sending a note with a patch stating what to install and from where......
      At some point I thought the beauty of max was to invent new things..... as time passes it is much more to re-invent things which used to work !! maxhole is an exemple but also having to make a pict file with all 128 positions of a dial to use with a pictslider only to have a dial working the way it used to work in max4 (and not jumping through values !) !!
    • May 05 2014 | 7:42 am
      I know very well what you mean…