Network Sync in OSX

    Mar 28 2006 | 7:33 am
    Im trying to use the network midi sync built into OSX's AudioMidi prefs, but im having some issues.
    I have the connection right, Im creating a link, but and one cpu is recieving signal from the other.
    But it seems that the receiver is not able to get the song position past beat 2 of measure one, without returning to the beginning of the piece, and continuously doing that.
    Also, it seems to be requiring a lot of cpu for such a seemingly small task.
    Is there a better protocol, that is a standard for this type of thing?
    I wonder in relation to max and other programs.
    btw, I know of max's abillity to do this over tcp and others, but Id really like to use this OSX thing or another standalone, as Id like to send/recieve from other apps also.
    Thanks all, Computo