New experimental music forum

    Apr 14 2010 | 2:55 pm
    Hi Ive started a new forum dedicated specifically to experimental music.
    The Experimental music forum is not for dance music , this is not because we look down on rhythm, but there are many forums that deal with dance music already. Whilst we appreciate the following adjectives are highly subjective, experimental music which comes form academic or non academic sources which could be described with the following words is most welcome : abstract, baroque, curious, enigmatic, distorted, embroidered, exalted, excessive, extravagant, fabulous, highly colored, fantastic, farfetched, impossible, magnified, melodramatic, oracular, out of proportion, preposterous, sensational, subtle, surreal, spectacular, stylized, finely crafted and totally ineffable.
    We welcome genres such as electroacoustic , sound art, , contempory classical, music concrete, dark ambient, and just random sounds that dont fit neatly into any category can be discussed. Perhaps you are a researcher at a university or perhaps you are someone who makes rock or electronica but who is branching out into more experimental music or perhaps you are a complete outsider, all are welcome here.