new kinect & osx

    Apr 04 2014 | 10:06 pm
    hello, is there an alternative to jit.freenect for new kinect use with Max6 on osx ?

    • Apr 05 2014 | 1:47 am
      I've had Diablo Dale's jit.openni running well on OSX. I have seen him post warnings about the required open source files being discontinued very soon though, so I'm unsure of it's long-term viability.
    • Apr 05 2014 | 1:49 am
      Whoops, just noticed that you wrote "new kinect". I don't know if this works with the latest Kinect model, or just the first (I only have the latter).
    • Apr 05 2014 | 10:02 am
      Hi there, and thanks for your feedback. actually, I will buy kinects so I guess I can only find new ones. I'm going to contact Dale.
    • Apr 05 2014 | 1:00 pm
      I do not know of any solutions for Mac other than the two following families:
      Lib freenect: there is a family of software (like jit.freenect.grab) that is based on the reversed engineered lib freenecct software. It does not have any native skeleton or joint detection. Some of the software which uses this library doesn't project the distance in an orthoginal x,y,z coordinate space and leaves that work to the developer. I have read of some updates here in the forum to update jit.freenet.grab for Mac 32/64. I remember reading that the core lib freenect code was (is) to be updated to work on the more recently manufactured Kinect v1 sensors (models 1473 and higher). Perhaps the newer builds of jit.freenect.grab can leverage those library updates
      OpenNI: there is a family of software (like jit.openni, synapse, ZigFu, NIMate) that is based on the OpenNI stack. Unfortunately, Apple has killed this project and all official downloads will be removed on 23 April 2014. Code already compiled using their SDK should continue to be legal. Open source parts (like base OpenNI installer) should also be legal and ok to distribute. However, the skeleton/joint tracking part (NITE installer) will no longer be legal and cannot be redistributed independent or part of another installer. This death of NITE puts most OpenNI projects at risk.
    • Jul 17 2014 | 10:12 am
      Hi, I have all the installers backed up from the download page when it was available and I'm in a process of configuring new Hardware and OSX system. Is it illegal to use NITE technology in a project as of 23 April? Or is there just restrictions on further development and distribution? I had a project last year involving Kinect, used jit.openni software and it all worked absolutely fine. Just got a request to stage the project again this autumn. Unfortunately, I've upgraded my computers a couple of times since then and now wondering what the legal implication are of this new "Apple purchasing the technology" situation? I understand there's a legal Windows option, but since I've never really used Windows in my life, not sure if I'd like to start now :) Any ideas? Thanks.
    • Jul 17 2014 | 10:39 am
      It is illegal to exist anywhere outside Apple themselves...or through some private undisclosed licensing. I requested such licensing...Apple denied my request. No one can have, use, distribute, archive, compile, etc. Nothing. They ended all rights; made everything illegal. This was possible because the original agreements which everyone must accept to download it or use it...was to be never re-distribute and the right to install/use it was always limited. :-(
      Since you a Max user, the good news is that it works the same on Windows. You could do you whole solution in Windows Max using dp.kinect (its very compatible with jit.openni). Or if you want to focus, you could run just a kinect patch on Windows and then send the data via OSC to your Mac. I have also heard rumor of people using Kinect in a Windows virtual machine on Mac.
    • Jul 17 2014 | 10:55 am
      kinect with a win virtual machine ? is that real ??
    • Jul 17 2014 | 11:47 am
      Synapse is another option I suppose, the only thing that I don't like about it is mandatory Lotus pose before anything can happen, not very random user friendly :/