new [mxj maxlispj] object

    Feb 04 2011 | 7:48 pm
    Max/MSP-ers --
    I have an updated version of the [mxj maxlispj] LISP interpreter object available for download for those who want to do some serious Processing of Lists (Hey! LISt Processing! Wow!):
    This relatively complete implementation of Common Lisp uses the "abcl" (current version, 0.23.0) java-based interpreter authored by Peter Graves as a base. LISP is a wonderfully elegant language for having all kinds of algorithmic fun.
    The current version is a more complete implementation of Common Lisp with improved error-handling. This version is for OSX 10.5/6, Max5. It may run on Windows 7; I'll be updating it direcly soon.
    Full source for both the "abcl" java classes and the [maxlispj] java classes is also available at the website above.
    I hope you enjoy this and can find it useful. Happy 2011!
    Brad Garton Columbia University Computer Music Center