new Patcher -- getwind called on invalid object -- possible bug?

    Feb 05 2014 | 4:56 pm
    Hi guys,
    I've been experimenting with the new Patcher constructor.
    Everything seems to be working fine apart from I am getting error messages in the max window. It's particularly strange because the code these errors are referring to still executes and works.
    Here is an example:
    function newPat(reference) { var thePatcher;
    thePatcher = new Patcher();
    theWind = thePatcher.wind;
    theWind.hasgrow = 0; theWind.hashorizscroll = 0; theWind.hasvertscroll = 0; theWind.title = reference;
    thePatcher.front(); }
    For every message to theWind I get this message in the max window: "method getwind called on invalid object" Although as I previously mentioned the message is still executed.
    Is this a bug?