new reaktor and vst~

    Sep 10 2010 | 6:08 pm
    recently Reaktor upgraded to Reaktor 5.5.1 (after 4 years). All fine, but new problems arose:
    _when saving a preset the way I have always done (message "write toto.fxp" to the max vst~ object) it writes a preset. But when I load a new vst~ object, load Reaktor inside and call my toto.fxp (message "read toto.fxp" to the max vst~ object), it crashes max.
    Which it did not do with reaktor 5.1 (the previous one)
    By the way it works just fine with audiounit~ (which i just downloaded) load reaktor, set the presets (ensemble) and it works!
    what's more Reaktor 5.5 appears as a white page when opened in max 4.6, when reaktor 5.1 was running just fine (yes I am using mainly max4.6 - I know you probably do not support it anymore)
    I am using a mac, OS X.6.4, latest version of max
    the way to make this vst work is to open its GUI, call the preset and close the GUI. kind of NOT very practical when you have many instances - yes it's doable with messages at init, but I am sure there should be a fix
    Or did someone found another solution?
    many thanks

    • Sep 10 2010 | 8:14 pm
      Please do not cross-post to both Forums and Support.
      We cannot reproduce the Reaktor crash, and have followed up with the user via email.
      It is correct that comment no longer is able to accept pound sign arguments, the workaround this user mentioned is appropriate.