new [sc3~] object

    Feb 04 2011 | 7:47 pm
    Everyone --
    I am releasing v 0.996 (Max5, OSX 10.5/6) of my [sc3~] object for Max/MSP. This object acts as a bridge between Max/MSP and the SuperCollider 3 language. The free download and information is available here:
    [sc3~] allows data and audio to be sent to/from the sclang and scsynth processes, making it easy to integrate the SuperCollider 3 language into Max/MSP work. Multiple instantiations of the object can exist in a single patcher, and SC3 scripts can be constructed within Max/MSP or stored in the object's buffers for convenient recall with a patch. Full source for the object and the modified SuperCollider files are also available at the site. This syncs the object with the latest stable release (SC3 v 3.4) of SuperCollider 3.
    I hope people find this useful -- Good luck, enjoy it! For more information about SuperCollider 3, visit:
    Brad Garton, Director Columbia University Computer Music Center

    • Nov 21 2011 | 11:28 pm
      Hi Brad,
      I hope this is an appropriate thread for this question...
      I just figured I'd like to give the [sc3~] object a quick try before possibly going into seriously learning some supercollider. So I downloaded supercollider 3.4.4 and your object but the help files completely freeze max as I switch on the ezdac~. The only way out is a force quit. Also the same case in just an empty patch with nothing but the sc3~ object and an ezdac. itself works flawlessly, I also tried replacing supercollider with an earlier version (3.4) and I tried with no externals except sc3~ in the search path.
      I'm on Mac OS X 10.5.7, Max 5.1.9, also have 6.0.1 available. Same thing there.
      Please let me know if I can provide you with any more information to try and solve the problem. I'd love to get going with some SC within Max.
      Best regards,
    • Nov 22 2011 | 12:26 am
      Antwan --
      sc3~ doesn't require any SC3 downloading; it contains all the code + executables it needs inside itself. However, because of the way SC3 is set up, it will probably search the installation(s) of SC3 you have in addition to the max sc3~, and that's probably where the problem(s) are occurring. I do know that there are a few "quarks" that will cause crashes. These are usually involved with display and interface aspects of the 'native' SC3. Someone sent me this awhile ago:
      ---------------------------- I narrowed down the quark(s) that make Max crash. They're from (great) dewdrop_lib (and can be found in quarks/dewdrop_lib):
      - ddwChucklib - ddwGUIEnhancements - ddwGUIEnhancementsForSwingOSC - ddwMIDI - dewdrop_lib (that one only contains an html file..) ----------------------------
      but I haven't been staying current with newer SC3 additions, so there may be others (and in fact there probably are...).
      The deeper problem is that sc3~ is a fairly brittle object. Unlike the other language-objects (rtcmix~, chuck~, maxlisp, etc.) I needed to abide by the terms of the SC3 license, which meant that I was unable to imbed it inside max/msp as I would have preferred and had to rely on socket connections for communication to and from the SC3 code 'proper'.
      The other problems are that the object works on my machines, OSX 10.6.8 and with both max/msp 5.1.7 and 6.0.1, which makes it hard for me to debug. I'm also not a regular user of SC3, I sort of did this to see if I could. Sort of.
      Some day in the future I may revisit the code to see what changes might make it work better, but time, time, time...
    • Nov 22 2011 | 8:21 am
      Hi Brad and thanks for such a rapid response.
      I understand - of course. FWIW, I don't have any quarks installed but understanding now that SC is also fully included in the sc3~ package maybe I will try and remove my other SC installation completely to see if that makes a difference. We'll see if we get any the wiser.