New target for Help Menu in standalone?

    Mar 02 2010 | 5:07 pm
    Does anyone know if it is possible to activate and change the target for the default "Help" menu item in a max standalone on OSX.
    Menuitem is no help for this as there is no output allocated to this item.
    I have so far worked around this by adding my own Help menu item in menuitem. This leaves an unsightly double Help entry in the menubar, one of which is inactive and useless. The second part of the workaround is to delete the "helpmenu" item from "menus_runtime_mac" in the "menubar" item of maxinterface.json. This tidies things up nicely, but surely there must be an easier way...
    Ideally I would like to use max's default windows menu (rather than create my own as per above) and add my own custom target to the default help menu, but currently the only way to do this is to do what I have done above, which messes with the normal order of things and leaves the "Help" menu before the "Window" menu. I just don't like it - it's not in line with the normal mac user experience where the Help menu is last in the menu list.
    Any help gratefully recieved.

    • Mar 21 2010 | 8:07 pm
      I am trying to do the same thing and i have had to luck. i am also trying to add items to the window bar. the weird thing is there's an outlet on the menu bar but the help patch and the reference patch doesn't help at all.
      let me know if you find out how and i will do the same for you.
      thanks GW