New to Jitter

    Mar 30 2006 | 3:19 am
    I'm trying to develop a fairly simple instalation for a graduation exhibition for my university. A camera monitors the visitor's movement. The video that is projected shows only moving objects extracted from the static background. A couple of years ago a visiting artist showed me a jitter object that separated the moving objects from the static ones in a single video window. I have searched through all jitter's 1.5.2 objects and I can't find any such object.I have worked a little with MAX but with Jitter i'm a complete newbie.
    Can any one tell me if that object exists as an external and where i can find it? or If anyone can help me out with an alternative method I would appreciate it very very much!

    • Mar 30 2006 | 8:32 pm
      I don't know of a specific object that does this all in one (might be a freeframe plugin somewhere or third party object), however the Jitter objects are designed to be low level enough that it should not be hard to build a typical background subtraction algorithm with a handful of objects. I believe a few have been posted to the archives (search on background subtraction, background elimination, or difference keying in the Jitter and MaxMSP forum archives):
      I've attached a crude example to the fundamental strategies involved in background elimination below. You may also want to check out the cv.jit objects for motion tracking:
      Hope this helps.
    • Mar 31 2006 | 4:44 am
      Thanks for the help! I'll let know how I'm doing with this project.