New to MAX/MSP, just a few questions ..for now.

    May 05 2006 | 3:15 am
    I am new to MAX.MSP. I have made a few small patches just for a class a few years ago. Don't remember much though.
    I am goign to be doing an intependent study in a few weeks in which part of it will include creating a MAX.MSP patch.The whole independent study is based around critical listening skills, and the instructor would like to have a hands on section, and suggests that I use MAX/MSP to create it.
    The patch will need to be "quiz" like. The user will input their own desired sound sample and it will play through a randomly selected notch EQ from one of the 31 bands on a graphic EQ. The user would then have to tell which band it is, and be told if they are correct or not. Or even a basic gaphical EQ setting and have to match another graphical EQ as close as possible to the sample. You get the gist.
    I might even want to have a similiar quiz with guessing just basic frequencies and the such.
    For a beginner like myself, will this patch be difficult to create? and can anyone lead me towards any other similiar patches?
    or any comments to help me along the way?
    much appreciation John B.

    • May 05 2006 | 3:53 am
      great job you have!
      the only thing that i can give you is my 31 band EQ. i made it about half a year in MAX/MSP 4.5. but i think that work!!
      check my web page and download it!
      the page is in portuguese but you can find it!
      i hope that works for you! if don't.... tell me 'cause i have another one (very similar)!
    • May 05 2006 | 4:16 am
      keep them coming plz!!!! This beginner needs all of the help he can get.
      john b
    • May 08 2006 | 9:43 am
      Johnalex13 wrote: > For a beginner like myself, will this patch be difficult to create?
      After you went through the Max and MSP tutorials, it shouldn't be too difficult. Objects to look into: fffb~ for the 31-band filter and filtergraph~ for the other one. There is also an examples folder
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