newbie 3D question

    Feb 01 2008 | 12:05 pm
    I'm familiar with MAX, but a newbie in jitter. For a project I'm working on I want to load a 3D model into Jitter and manipulate it. For instance blow up, shrink, move and toss points around to distort the object. The example in Tutorial 36 is something like it, but moving points around with noise is too random for me. What is a good way to start with this project?
    Kind regards, Rutger

    • Feb 01 2008 | 12:20 pm
      I meant tutorial 37
    • Feb 01 2008 | 12:54 pm
      You could take a look at jit-ogre and "pre-make" some animations and then control them in jitter.
      Or you can experiment with matrixoutput, xfade and
      Or you can do something like this: