Newbie Question: SIGNAL/AUDIO rate inlet in a subpatch?

    Aug 17 2010 | 2:16 pm
    i have a little delay i built in a subpatch. on one of the inlets of this subpatch i have to feed it an audio signal (obviously) from outside of the subpatch.
    i managed to create the subpatch and all its required inlets and outlets. i also created some other objects (like tapin~, tapout~ etc.) for the delay in the subpatch.
    however, within the subpatch the connection from the signal/audio rate inlet to the tapin~ module is displayed as a control rate connection (thin black line) instead of a signal/audio rate connection (yellow / black line).
    can please somebody help and tell me how to make this connection a signal/audio rate connection?
    thank you

    • Aug 17 2010 | 3:28 pm
      sometimes you have to reconnect them for them to show up as audio connections, but if you have a signal connection going in it will still be a signal inside the patch, it just might not look like it.
    • Aug 17 2010 | 3:36 pm
      it's always a black thin line between the tapin/tapout, you can see an example in the tutorial patch in your max documentation directory.
    • Aug 17 2010 | 9:02 pm
      this might be a very minor bug; what i do is, once my patch and subpatches are complete, i delete these 'non-control' connections, recreate them and they show up, and remain, signal connections. Unless you have a visually complex and confusing patch, it's purely an aesthetic issue i think
    • Aug 18 2010 | 6:29 am
      alright, thanks a lot, guys. :)
    • Aug 18 2010 | 9:17 am
      if you made the subpatch connection first, then added the signal cord into the subpatch, it won't update in the subpatch unless you delete and then re-connect. I do think it's a minor bug that's really just aesthetics. I think if you connect the signal cord from outside first, then make the new one in the subpatch, that inlet knows it's getting a signal cord and will create the right-looking one.