NI Pro 53 FX with [VST] "Can't find default file"

    Jul 02 2014 | 2:11 pm
    Hello Maxers,
    I am using the Native Instruments Pro 53 FX synth with [vst]. When I load it I get a pop-up (that sometimes requires dozens of clicks before it will let me proceed) that reads:
    "Pro-53 Native Instruments cannot find the default file def.p5a Please locate the file in order to use the default presets"
    After locating def.p5a (which is in the default NI location and also pointed towards in the file preferences) I then get a further popup with a similar message regarding the controller map. Again, it takes dozens of clicks before I can proceed.
    This then all happens again and takes ages!
    I do not need these presets as the vst works just fine even if I do not find these default files. I do not get these popups if I load the vst with a DAW.
    So, I know that the Pro 53 is having trouble finding default files at initialisation when loaded in Max, problem it doesn't have when loaded in other DAWs.
    The question is: how do I let Max know where these files are or stop it from looking for them in the first place?
    Any help much appreciated.