No Multitrack Audio for Movies on Windows?

    Nov 02 2013 | 9:15 am
    I am succesfully running movies in jitter which have 6 Audiotracks. I use a M-Audio FW 610 Interface.
    I have to transfer my patch to a new Windows Machine. (Windows 8). I can only get Max run the videos there if I use the 32bit version, but thats ok...
    My problem now: The windows-machine doesn't playback multi-audiotracks. I don't think it is a Max-Problem, but maybe someone can help anyway. Looking at the movies inside Quicktime-Player it shows me all 6 Audiotracks. But it only outputs 2. I also made a test of the M-Audio by just sending some music to the different output-channels via MSP - no problem!
    So it seems to be a Quicktime-Player problem or Communication between Quicktime and the M-Audio. Since I almost don't understand anything about Windows, I have no idea what to do...
    thanks for any hint! luke