No Sound through MaxMSP

    May 18 2012 | 3:49 pm
    Hey folks,
    I'm a little new to Max, but I've been using Pd for a little while now and need to work in Max for now. I am trying to get some audio to play through Max (from Spotify) and have Soundflower to help me, but so far it has been impossible. I've tried almost all combinations of main system IO as well as IO in Max but to no avail. The end goal for me is this:
    Local channels -> Jack -> Max (for mixing) -> Jack -> remote location
    Basically, I need to route all sound through Jack since I need to use this mixer I am building in Max in Telematic Music and we use Jack for remote audio transmissions across the internet. I don't mind using Soundflower but it would be nice to not need an extra interface over Jack.
    Routing was very straightforward with Pd, but has been impossible with Max. Even connecting an adc~ object directly to a dac~ object has not got any sound through Max.
    Please help!