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    Aug 29 2006 | 2:13 am
    Having a problem with Max Runtime 4.6.1.
    We have a large patch which when loaded within 4.6.1 editing environment works as expected. No issues when editing the patch, however, when running the patch on the same machine within the runtime for 4.6.1 our patch does not find its referenced subpatches.
    Our directory structure is
    Main Patch Code/subpatch1 Code/subpatch2 Etc.
    We have defined the search paths through the File Preferences as well as through the filepath object. The runtime cannot find the subpatches unless they are placed directly next to the main patch.
    We have also attempted to use the standalone object, to no avail.
    If we launch max runtime and load the patch, the first time it doesn't work even though sending the message ;max search paths tells us search paths are indeed there. However if we close the patch without quitting Max Runtime, the second time we load the patch it finds the subpatches.
    Any ideas? Thanks,