No Video Playback? Help!

    Oct 28 2013 | 10:53 pm
    Hi I'm very new to Max and have 6.1. I want to just be able to see that my video is actually being read and played back so I created a patch and set up the necessary materials. The problem though is that I can't seem to actually see the video played back. I thought this was just my patch so I checked out the help menu of and tried to read example videos that come with Max. It turns out that I can't play any videos at all! I use a Windows 8 PC by the way if that helps. Can anyone help me out?

    • Oct 28 2013 | 11:58 pm
      hi, make sure you have quicktime installed, and make sure you are using the 32 bit version of max 6.1, as this is currently the only version that will playback quicktime movies.
      if you want to use 64 bit version, you must use WMV movie files.