noise~ and sig~ not operating within Poly~

    Nov 17 2010 | 2:33 pm
    I\'m building an fft sampler for use within m4l. Its based on some of the spectral work by jean francois charles etc (soundplayback via matrices)
    The Poly works fine in terms of sound generation / and the panning / degrade effects.
    However, i cannot change the sample playback position within the poly. This is achieved by send a sig~ to the fft player denoting which frame in the matrix to play back. It operates fine when the objects are outside the poly but doesn\'t operate within it.
    A bit of digging around seems to indicate that neither of the two dsp generators within the poly~ (noise~ and sig~) are sending out a signal within the poly~.
    I am not sure why this is the case, since the setup seems to be pretty close to numerous comparable poly examples given online & in tutorials - using mute etc etc. If anyone can illuminate me as to why these aren\'t being triggered, i\'d be very grateful!

    • Nov 17 2010 | 2:41 pm
      different instances of [noise~] will always output the same noise.
      try [pink~] ... or something from litter pro ... or eventually [drunk~] could be nice for that. (if [drunk~] is not coming with maxmsp then it is in percolate)
    • Nov 17 2010 | 2:48 pm
      thanks for the suggestions - although the problem is not that noise~ isn't generating the type of data i want - it simply isn't outputting any data whatsoever...
    • Nov 17 2010 | 4:21 pm
      Difficult to help you: your play-newspectrum-nosah.pfft patch is missing!
    • Nov 17 2010 | 4:27 pm
      Here it is! (sorry - also didn't know that the patcher wouldn't be included in the actual cut&paste text ...)
    • Nov 17 2010 | 4:47 pm
      I created a poly~ youtpatch 2 instance, and as expected I see that your noise~ and sig~ do work. Your Blur control will indeed add some noise to the unpack's rightmost output.
    • Nov 17 2010 | 5:13 pm
      Thanks for helping out with this. Yes - i can make the poly work in a normal max file. However, when it is implemented as a Max for Live patch it does not work (to start with i wasn't sure if it was just a poly~ issue, but once closing down ableton & max and reopening max standalone, it seems that issue is m4l specific.
      The sig~ and noise~ objects operate fine within a basic patch within Max for Live, but the minute the elements are placed within a (otherwise functional) poly, the msp objects no longer operate ...
      Just wondering if people have had similar problems with poly~ in m4l?
    • Nov 17 2010 | 6:30 pm
      \"different instances of [noise~] will always output the same noise.\"
      this is not true since max 5. they output different don\'t they? or am i being an eejit?
      otherwise this is a specific m4l issue, not a max/poly~ issue. i have done lots of this sort of thing in m4l and not had issues, although not checked those patches in a while. what versions you running?
    • Nov 18 2010 | 9:39 am
      max 5.14 & live 8.15 ...
      and yes - i think it probably is a m4l issue (hadn't realised when i was first posting, since haven't used poly~ much before and thought i may have been missing something ...)
      not sure on the noise~ instances - tho don't think issue relates to that since sig~ is also not operating in the patch
      sounds like i should repost in m4l ...