NonRealTime audio driver

    Mar 12 2013 | 8:56 am
    I can't find any meaningful documentation of Max's NonRealTime driver, and I'm feeling too lazy (and I'm in too much of a hurry) to experiment with stuff myself...
    So, here are my questions: - What does the "passive mode" checkbox do? - I seem to remember (but I can't find the source) that with the NRT driver SIAI is always on, and the signal VS is always 1... is that true, or did I dream? - Is there a way to link the scheduler time to the dsp time? (Yes, I know the dsptime~ object but I need more) - I actually hoped that this was passive mode's goal, but apparently it's not...
    Any help appreciated. Thanks aa

    • Mar 12 2013 | 9:10 am
      ... ok, with passive mode off and SIAI on my scheduler is actually linked to the dsp time in non-real time. This makes sense... and also means that SIAI is not automatically on! - and btw it's not even true that sig vs is always 1.
      Still curious about passive mode, but ok, now I've got what I immediately needed and I'm not forced to switch to Csound ;)
      Cheers aa